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Money Saving Tips During Florida's Hottest Summer Months

Updated: Jul 10

1. New Efficiency Standards and SEER2 Regulations

In 2024, Florida is adapting to new HVAC efficiency standards, including the introduction of SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2) regulations. These changes require:

  • An 8-10% increase in efficiency from previous benchmarks

  • New testing protocols that account for real-world conditions like ductwork and static pressure

  • Compliance based on both manufacturing dates and installation timelines

Money Saving Tips for heatwaves in Florida

2. Federal Tax Credits and Rebates for Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Florida homeowners can benefit from significant financial incentives when upgrading their HVAC systems in 2024:

  • The Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit offers a tax credit of up to 30% of the total cost for purchasing and installing high-efficiency HVAC units

  • This program runs until at least the end of 2032

  • To qualify, systems must be installed by licensed professionals and meet specific energy efficiency requirements

  • Additional state-specific rebates are available for energy-efficient technologies, including heat pumps and hot water heat pumps

3. Heat Wave Challenges and Money Saving Tips

Essential Air and heat wants to help you with some Money Saving Tips. Florida has been experiencing record-breaking heat waves, putting increased pressure on air conditioning systems:

  • Utility companies report surges in energy use, with new records being set

  • Experts recommend maintaining a consistent thermostat setting rather than frequently adjusting it to save energy

  • Energy-saving tips include:

  • Regular maintenance of AC units

  • Proper use of ceiling fans (counter-clockwise rotation for cooling)

  • Upgrading to smart thermostats

  • Improving home insulation and using energy-efficient windows

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