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Essential Air and Heat is your #1 HVAC contractor in Central Florida. Prepare for a Cozy Winter with Essential Air and Heat in Central Florida.

As the seasons change in Central Florida, the transition from sweltering summer heat to cooler autumn temperatures is the perfect time to consider the health of your heating system. At Essential Air and Heat, we're your trusted HVAC experts, and we believe in the importance of having your air conditioner and heating system tested and cleaned before you flip the switch to warm your home during the fall. Here's why:

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Set your thermostat above a temperature that you can withstand overnight. You will most likely be sleeping under covers and blankets. You can always turn up the temperature to a comfortable setting as you wake in the morning and start moving around the house. Most people can withstand a temperature of 65 degrees overnight while you are sleeping and then raise the temperature to around 70 or 72 degrees during the day.

  1. Efficiency and Cost Savings: A well-maintained heating system operates efficiently, saving you money on energy bills. Our HVAC experts will ensure your system is clean and functioning optimally. An old AC/Heating system will use more energy and cost you more money than a new one would be. Essential Air and heat has Financing Options available to help you save money with a new Air conditioning and Heating System.

  2. Safety First: Regular maintenance checks can identify potential safety hazards, such as gas leaks or carbon monoxide issues, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

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3. Prolonged System Life: Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your heating system, reducing the need for costly replacements.

4. Improved Air Quality: Cleaning and inspecting your system can improve indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and contaminants from your ducts and filters. 

5. Reliable Performance: You don't want your heating system failing in the middle of a cold Florida night. Preseason checks ensure reliable performance when you need it most. Have an emergency breakdown. Ask about our Emergency service to expedite your repairs.

Our team of HVAC experts at Essential Air and Heat is ready to help you with comprehensive heating system testing and cleaning. We'll inspect, clean, and tune your system, making sure it's ready for the cooler months November thru April in Lake, Sumter or Marion Counties. Don't wait until the cold sets in—schedule your maintenance with us today to enjoy a cozy and worry-free winter in Central Florida! 352-661-6474

Essential Air and Heat can help you select the right heating system for your home or business and install it properly. We also offer complete heating maintenance and repair service plans for existing heating systems.

We strive to provide our customers with excellent customer service and focus on their needs to make sure they are completely satisfied with the installation before we leave. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with your purchase and our job is not complete until you are satisfied.

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