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Beat the Florida Heat & Save Money: 10 Top Tips for Your Essential Air Conditioner This Summer

Central Florida summers are no joke. The scorching sun and sweltering humidity can make staying cool a constant battle. But before you crank the AC to max and watch your energy bill skyrocket, consider these 10 essential tips to keep your home comfortable and your air conditioner happy:

Programmable HVAC thermostat

1. Embrace the Power of Programming to Beat The Florida Heat:

Invest in a programmable thermostat. It allows you to adjust the temperature automatically when you're away or sleeping. Even a few degrees higher during these times can make a significant difference in energy use. You can schedule Essential Air to install this for you, so you can start saving money. Turn it up a few degrees when you leave the house and then back down approximately a half hour before you get home.

2. Channel Your Inner Sun Blocker:

Keep those heat rays at bay! Close blinds and curtains on sunny sides of your home during the hottest parts of the day. Consider blackout curtains for maximum heat deflection. Use a chip clip or a large paperclip to keep curtains together when they typically want to separate.

3. Seal the Deal on Leaks:

Check your windows and doors for air leaks. Even small gaps can allow hot air to infiltrate, forcing your AC to work harder. Seal any leaks with caulk or weather stripping. Essential Air and heat can help you seal the cracks. Schedule a service call today.

4. Fan-tastic Savings:

Ceiling fans circulate cool air without the hefty energy consumption of an AC unit. Set the blades to rotate counter-clockwise during summer to push cool air down. Not sure which way to set your fans? Schedule a service call to help you. Tip: In the winter you want to feel air blowing down on you, and in summer you should feel a draft pulling the cool air upwards.

5. Filter Frenzy:

A clean air filter is an AC's best friend. Replace your filter monthly (or every other month for pets) to ensure efficient airflow and prevent system strain. Look for a metal air filter that you can wash and rinse each month, rather than the expensive fabric ones.

6. Embrace the Night:

Open windows at night when the air is cooler. This natural ventilation helps cool your home down before the daytime heat hits. On a cool night, place a table fan by a door or window to draw in cooler outside air.

7. Appliance Awareness:

Ovens, stoves, and dryers generate significant heat. Use them strategically during cooler times or evenings to minimize their impact on your AC. Try not to use the oven on very hot days. This will help your home stay cooler.

8. Upgrade Wisely:

Consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient AC unit, especially if yours is nearing the end of its lifespan. Newer models can significantly reduce your energy consumption. Schedule Essential Air to evaluate your system and give you a quote.

9. Schedule an AC Checkup:

Regular maintenance is key to an AC system's efficiency and longevity. Schedule a pre-season tune-up with Essential Air to ensure your system is operating optimally. An ounce of prevention goes a long way!

10. Call in the Essential Air Experts!

Our team of qualified technicians can offer personalized advice and solutions to maximize your AC's efficiency and keep your energy bills under control. We are not driven by sales, "Your Comfort is our Success!"

By following these tips, you can keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long without breaking the bank or straining your AC system. Remember, a little planning goes a long way when it comes to beating the Florida heat and keeping your Essential Air conditioner running smoothly.

Bonus Tip:  Looking for even more ways to save? Essential Air offers maintenance plans to ensure your AC is always in top shape and operating efficiently.

Contact Essential Air today to learn more and keep your cool this summer!

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